Michelle Glavan


Michelle Glavan is originally from Birmingham, Alabama. She enjoys dancing on top of objects; playing ukulele versions of rap songs; and wearing dresses with pockets in them. She has a one-eyed Boston Terrier named Bubba.

In her spare time, she writes and produces internet content, plays soccer, and attempts to master new musical instruments, like the cello. She is also currently writing a TV series pilot with her good friend Natalie Lander and a movie script with the Awkward Kids. She has performed with the Awkward Kids on several stages in Los Angeles, including the famous Upright Citizens Brigade.

Her most recent television credits include a guest star on Comedy Central's Workaholics, a co-star on NBC's Community, and a co-star on ABC's Desperate Housewives. You can also watch her in the Warner Bros. web series "Aim High", starring Jackson Rathbone from Twilight and Aimee Teegarden from Friday Night Lights. Geek out over her on her website www.michelleglavan.com.


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